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About Oak City Spice Blends

The Story of our handcrafted Spice Blends

Welcome to the vibrant world of Oak City Spice Blends, where we've spent over 30 years mastering the art of flavor through meticulously crafted spice combinations. Our handcrafted, Gluten Free, filler-free blends transport your taste buds on a thrilling journey from classic Greek and Italian seasonings to exotic ancient recipes and modern culinary innovations. Say goodbye to supermarket spices laden with fillers and preservatives, as each of our blends is crafted with authentic, additive-free ingredients, making every pinch a flavor-packed delight.

At Oak City Spice Blends, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, diverse selection, and accessible prices. Our founder wears many hats, from spice mixologist to historian, researching medieval cookbooks to unveil the secrets of our flavorful past.


We're passionate about sharing our creations and bringing gourmet flavors to every kitchen. Explore our extensive range of options, sourced from the finest growers and suppliers worldwide. Join us on this culinary adventure, and let Oak City Spice Blends elevate your dishes to new heights.

CEO and Founder

About the Owner

As the proprietor of Oak City Spice Blends company, my role varies from being a spice blend mixologist on some days to a spice historian on others, and occasionally a researcher who sifts through medieval cookbooks to uncover the utilization of spices in that era. My company specializes in crafting contemporary and historical spice blends, as well as providing gluten free, and filler-free ingredients, such as spices, oils, honey, and teas.

I take immense pride in what I have accomplished and relish the opportunity to share it with others.

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