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Some days I am spice blend mixologist, other days I’m a spice historian, and occasionally I am researcher who is digging through medieval cook books looking for clues about how spices were used. I am the owner of the Oak City Spice Blend company specializing in historical and modern spice blends. Spices, Oils, Honey, Teas and whole ingredients that are non-gmo, no/low sodium and filler free. I love what I have created and enjoy sharing it with others.

Michel Almond de Champagne
CEO and Founder

The Story of our handcrafted blends

For thirty years, we have researched how spices grow, sustainable and ethical growing practices, and why certain flavor notes complement certain foods. We source only non-GMO, fresh, filler-free ingredients for each of our handcrafted blends. Our catalog features familiar combinations, such as Greek seasoning and our proprietary Creole blend, but you will also find carefully researched historical spice blends from medieval and ancient sources.  


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