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19th c. Covent-Garden Market Powder

19th c. Covent-Garden Market Powder

Earthy - 

INGREDIENTS: Basil, Lemon Peel, Marjoram, Parsley, Savory (Winter), Thyme


Step back in time to 1830 England

Behold, honourable citizens and esteemed guests from lands afar, we present to you a culinary revelation conceived in the renowned kitchens of the eminent Goodwife Michel Almond de Champagne and the illustrious establishment of Oak City Spice Blends. Revel in the unveiling of the unprecedented Covent-Garden Market Powder, a harmonious gathering of the finest spices harvested from the far reaches of our fertile lands.


We beckon the discerning patrons, both local and from distant shores, to embrace the meticulous melding of aromatic constituents, an ensemble starring:

  • The vibrant Parsley, a nod to English gardens in full bloom,
  • The rich Winter Savory, echoing with whispers of seasoned traditions,
  • The enchanting Sweet Marjoram, a fragrance carrying tales of ancient Mediterranean groves,
  • The robust Thyme, encapsulating the strength of our rich heritage,
  • The zestful Lemon Peel, an ode to invigorating morning dews of coastal orchards,
  • The royal Basil, the monarch of herbs, weaving a tapestry of legends in every sprinkle.


Esteemed culinary aficionados, be it known that only the parcels bearing the full and revered signature of Goodwife Michel Almond de Champagne, meticulously scripted on the finest parchment and sealed with a stamp of red wax carrying the trusted emblem of Oak City Spice Blends, speak of authentic grandeur and unmatched quality.


Endowed with the power to transcend ordinary culinary endeavours into gastronomic masterpieces, the Covent-Garden Market Powder stands unrivalled, enhancing the finest dishes served in noble houses, and enriching the humble meals of weary travellers with a touch of home, a flavour reminiscent of English gardens, a true companion in every climate and across every border.


Procure this precious concoction and let your senses traverse vibrant markets and lush gardens with every sprinkle, embarking on an unparalleled journey of culinary exploration, celebrating the harmonious dance of age-old spices and novel discoveries.


Seek ye the sanctuary of Oak City Spice Blends, where Goodwife Michel Almond de Champagne stands ready to guide every kitchen maestro, from native cooks to inquisitive explorers from foreign lands, on a voyage through the rich tapestry of flavours enclosed in every jar of the revered Covent-Garden Market Powder.


United in the pursuit of culinary excellence, we remain,

Your devoted harbinger of gastronomic delights,

Goodwife Michel Almond de Champagne


We grind all of them together and package them just before shipping to ensure you get the freshest blend we can create.


    Basil, Lemon Peel, Marjoram, Parsley, Savory (Winter), Thyme


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